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Where to start with coding?

I'd really appreciate some pointers of where to start with learning to code in order to use the API.
What i would like to achieve is being able to create new groups full of empty galleries using the API as i understand there is no other way to achieve this.
I've recently written a small applescript to create a multiple sequential galleries to upload to Zenfolio but these folders have to contain images in order for Zenfolio to create them 9using chrome to upload)...and that means having to delete images from a lot of galleries, which is pretty tiresome.
Any pointers at all, and I mean at all, will be very much appreciated.


  • what would you say is the easiest coding language other than html.
  • I remember Basic was pretty easy.
  • Stroodle88Stroodle88 White Salmon, WAMember Posts: 90
    The answer depends on what you are trying to achieve. General-purpose languages like Ruby and Python are pretty easy to learn, but ultimately, depends on what you want to be able to do when you say you want to 'learn to code'. I may be able to provide additional insight if you indicate what you are trying to achieve.
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  • bcabca Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for responding.
    What I'm trying to achieve is outlined at the start of this post. If interacting with the Zenfolio APi can be done purely with Python then Python is my answer. If I can do what's required with PHP then PHP it is...(I've been doing the PHP section available for free on codecadamy just for starters)
    If it's possible to learn how to interact with the API using Postman (chrome add-on) then all the better.
    First thing i need to understand is getting authentication and how to retrieve keys etc.
    Any help - and I mean ANY- very much appreciated.
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