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New Book, now where to share

Peter StanleyPeter Stanley Member Posts: 5
Hello, I've just published a new book for photo-educators. It was the final project my MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography and I'm really excited to get it out there. It's on Amazon currently ranked 72,567 so not sure it will ever see the light there. I'm curious where others have been successful with sharing their work with a wider photo community. I have a FB page and I've customized a page for my zenfolio site (both linked below). Any other tips like specific websites I should share with, etc. Thanks for your thoughts.


  • RicardoRicardo Member Posts: 15
    Start a blog, have engaging posts and guest post on other forums. Once you've established some authority and credibility you can share your book
  • KazzaKazza Member Posts: 19
    In case you don't know...Instagram, a photo sharing platform, is home to over 700 million active users as of October 2017.
    I particularly recommend that you read this because it talks about mixing Instagram and Business. I remember when i started out as a free-lance photographer...Instagram was one of the platforms where i got my portfolio well known. One tip that worked for me-Do your research before you use your hashtags! If you use hashtags that are too popular, chances are that the hashtag might be overused and your posts will be lost in the wide sea of posts with the similar hashtag.
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