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How can you do a collage layout on the blog?

I find the blog easy to do, but I don't like the layout of the photos in a straight line....is there a way they can be arrange in a collage like they do so well in PASS software?


  • Unfortunately, there isn't a built in way to automatically display images in a blog post in a collage or masonry format.

    The only way that can be done is by using tables to control the placement of the images in the blog post. See this link for how to use tables.

    Alternatively, you can create a collage out of the images using a photo editing program like Photoshop. Then display the collage in the blog post as a single image.
  • echelonphotoechelonphoto Member Posts: 8
    So I made a collage in my Lumapix program and made it a jpeg 8 x 50 x 72...about 100 photos....inserted it into a blog and it came up as a tiny little strip that is really not viewable....how do I size it to fill up the blog properly?
  • echelonphotoechelonphoto Member Posts: 8
    Looks like the limitations of this blog page are insurmountable...need a more flexible system....please, Zenfolio...get your act up to date!
  • Depending on the layout that you've applied to your blog posts, the width of the content area of the blog post will be either 671 pixels wide or 944 pixels wide.

    When creating your collage, make sure that the width of the collage does not exceed that maximum width.

    Then after uploading the collage image to your Zenfolio account, you can display it properly in your blog post by displaying the full size original image in the blog post.

    The steps for doing that are the same as for displaying animated gifs in a custom page.

    You can see how to do that in this guide.
  • Finchley ThompsonFinchley Thompson Member Posts: 16
    I think you definitely need to be able to combine the built in gallery "masonry" style grids with a blog post or a custom page. An alternative is to add the full rich text editor like the blog and custom pages have to the galleries.

    At the moment I can either have a nice grid of images which I can keep up to date via publishing from Lightroom but with terrible text options OR I can have a nicely laid out custom page but I have to add and remove images manually which is more admin than is necessary.

    Zenfolio has a pretty good gallery grid display and a pretty reasonable blog/custom page editor. As a user I just want these two elements brought together.
  • 10 Photography10 Photography Member Posts: 2
    Agree with a lot of comments here. The editor is ok - but only just! Basic text wrapping and being able to align images should be easy. I am currently writing a blog which should have taken me about an hour or so - 3 hours in an im still messing around with layout. Its too bloody difficult!
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