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7% On Self Fulfillment?

So paying the over $300 a year fee is not enough for Zenfolio now? For doing all my own printing, packaging, shipping (paying shipping cost) and for Zenfolio to not lift a finger with any of this they now want a 7% cut of all self fulfillment sales? Zenfolio, that is nothing more than justified theft. What a despicable thing to do to your long time loyal customers.
I have put up with a lot of bogus crap over the years with my Zenfolio site, some still not fixed after contacting customer supports going on 3 years ago. I have learned I have to just put up with some things that Zenfolio simply does not want to mess with. Now.. Now.. you want to charge me for doing nothing? WTH....
I guess the time has actually come now. Zenfolio is actually giving many of us a reason to go somewhere else.
You might want to recall the story of the camel and the straw.


  • Agreed. They also take the 7% off any shipping charges. I barely break even on shipping, if even that, now they take 7% for my shipping charges which would force me to charge more for shipping. Instead, since Zenfolio has decided to steal my income, after I've been paying them for years for their service, I've decided to move on to Squarespace. They've lost business after 5 years with this decision. Based on my previous years sales, they've increased the fee I would pay to them in 2017 by over 400% per year.
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