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Zenfolio Reply-Email - Branding?

I looked thru the post to see if this is a duplicate... didn't see one so I will post...
Recently I placed a phot order with Zenfolio because I am having issues with cropping so I wanted to see through the eyes of a customer by cropping and placing an order.
When the order was confirmed, Zenfolio sent me an email that starts as follows:
This message was sent to you by Zenfolio on behalf of PHOTOCCASIONS. Zenfolio is a hosting and fulfillment service helping photographers present and sell their work online.

Dear PhotOccasions,

Thank you for your order!

You can check the status of your order at any time by following this link to your orders. You will receive another email confirmation when your order ships.
I wasn't too happy with this because when I initially setup the account I wanted and chose NO ZENFOLIO BRANDING - at least between ME and MY CUSTOMERS. There is no need to let my customer's know "who" Zenfolio is to me. I do understand the Zenfolio branding when it comes to credit card transaction and license agreement but other than that - not good!

The problem with this type of branding is that it is hard to tell when Zenfolio will give a "shout out" with their info.

I contacted Zenfolio (please note they were very helpful and responsive) and they told me how to remove it by going to the "Reply Email" feature but it is very ambiguous and does not specifically spell out the branding outcome if you let Zenfolio be your email recipient.

Does anyone know of any other Zenfolio customer communications that are similar? I would like to make sure that I am aware of any so I can be proactive with branding removal instead of reactive mode after a customer has seen it.



  • Unfortunately, those emails are sent from our email service and so there is some info added to let the recipients know who we are. That info also helps with getting around some spam and junk email filters as it makes it obvious that the email is not meant to be a spoofing email.

    The only way to remove all mentions of Zenfolio completely from those emails is to send the email directly from the photographer's email service. Unfortunately, this is not feasible as it will require providing Zenfolio with access to the photographer's email service. This is not desirable as it can open up issue privacy issues with the photographer's email account.

    But in general, we do try to limit the Zenfolio branding used throughout the service but there will be some cases where it is just not technically feasible.
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