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Remove Breadcrumbs from entire site

Hi - I would like to remove breadcrumbs from entire site - it only lets me change it for each gallery (I have to click on customize this gallery only - otherwise it's greyed out...).

Thank you.


  • You can hide breadcrumbs from your entire site.

    To do this, first hide the breadcrumbs to the All Photographs group in Site Settings (in Customize Website View).

    Click here for how that is done.

    Then go to one of your groups and hide the breadcrumbs in the Options panel in Customize Website View.

    After setting Breadcrumbs to 'Hide' in Options, click on Save as Default to save it as the default settings for your groups.

    Click here for how to find Save as Default.

    Then go to a gallery hide the Breadcrumbs in both the gallery thumbnails page and the gallery photos page- both of which can be edited by going to the Options panel in both views in Customize Website View.

    In case it is needed, click here for how to go to the Options panel of the gallery photos page.

    Lastly, go to your Built in Pages, here's the direct link - http://www.zenfolio.com/u/e/pages/builtInPages.aspx

    There, click on Customize to the right of each page, then go to Options and hide the Breadcrumbs.

    When you're done with all of the above, click Publish in Customize Website View to make those changes live on your site.
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