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Is this a selling site or a buying site? there is a difference.

I haven't really used the forums before but I am actually glad to see others have issues with the SEO, cost of products, exposure, sales, etc. I have been here for 15 years, there abouts. Before the new cart, the old cart was so confusing my clients were constantly calling me for help or they just abandoned their carts. The problem with SEO is that there is no amount of keywords and phrases you can enter on your site to get you to the top. EVER! Only the big companies like FAA and shutterfly and those POD sites that actually promote their artists make good rankings

Search engines are constantly changing and now unless you have big bucks the keywords are almost useless. Almost. They work a little bit. I have a thousand of images that say Yosemite but do I come up?? Not at all. The issue is that Zenfolio promotes ITSELF as a selling site for artists and photographers, rather than a BUYING site for fine art photography buyers. There is a huge difference. Marketing zenfolio as a place for photographers to sell their work only benefits zenfolio as a supplier of a POD site. It does nothing whatsoever to market its subscribers at all. They are not set up to market Zenfolio as a community of fine art photographers and artists like FAA does. Therefore the only people looking at zenfolio are people like us desperate to sell our work. it dos NOT attract buyers of our work. There is a huge difference.

The prior is a selfish approach that only makes ZF money and we have to do all the work. Depending solely on keywording and phrases and sharing on social media and having sales. I have been doing that for 30 years. I am everywhere on google. You can google my name and I am everywhere. My zen site does come up first, but only if you search for my actual name. none of my keywords take me to my site. so they do not work. We need Zenfolio to market us and market ZF as a place to BUY art not sell it.

FAA (fine art america is $35 a year and they are marketing themselves as a place to BUY fine art. They promote their artists, they feature them and everything all for $35.00. Unfortunately ZF is so costly for me that I cant afford another subscription to a POD site. I have put 15 years of hard work and effort and I had to fight a terrible cart the entire time. It is better but it is still lacking. In fact a lot is lacking on ZF. It is too expensive to subscribers, to expensive of products, I can hardly even keystone my work. I have tried everything to make better sales. I have recreated my site over an over again over the years to make it better and I am thinking of doing a complete overhaul yet again because nothing I am doing is working to get sales. THAT is because ZF is not a buying site, it is a selling site. They are only concerned about selling HOSTING to US. But they aren't getting it that they need to market US!! we make them the money. We are paying all the money and doing all our own marketing. they are doing nothing. It took 15 years to get a better cart. and it is still lacking. If you agree that you think ZF needs to market itself as a place to BUY art not sell it, or both actually then please write to them and ask them to start marketing US not them! There is nothing that tells the public that THIS is THE PLACE to BUY fine art photography! Nothing at all. The annual fees are way to high. If I din't have all this time and all these photos uploaded I would go to FAA or someplace else. But what do I do with all my photos? I am stuck here. I'm very unhappy. I have been here since day one. and in all these years ZF has done nothing for me.

This is an award winning National Geographic photo I took in 2009 and it won the grand prize in OUtdoor photographer Magazine. https://www.outdoorphotographer.com/photo-contests/2nd-annual-yfp-photo-contest/ It is the 5th most downloaded screensaver from Nat Geo. If you do an image search for it, you will see it everywhere!! It is a very popular image. I made it and not one sale in all these years from the original artist. Not one print sold off ZF. Why is that? It is on Pinterest, Nat Geo, Out door photographer magazine. It is everywhere yet no one has bought one print from my site, no matter how much I have marketed it, Something is wrong with that picture.


  • ShutterjunkyShutterjunky Member Posts: 4
    I suggested that ZF, set up a POD Fine art photography BUYERS site that allows us to click an option to add this image to a community selling site similar to FAA. One that is marketed for sales. One that is geared towards BUYERS. I think they are missing the boat if they do not market all of their amazing artists. They would get more print sales if they would just market themselves and us as a place to buy fine art. Did you know that ART.com owns ZF? Why aren't we offered a opt in to sell our works on there from here?? That is a huge marketing option that could improve our sales. We would need to get more money from our sales on art.com not just 1%. But they have the oldest POD site that exists yet we are not linked to it from Zenfolio. Why?? Why doesn't art.com have a gallery of their zenfolio artists? We are missing the boat here! They own the largest POD site on the web yet none of us can take advantage of that exposure. I see so many things that would improve ZF but here we are 15 years later stagnant and struggling.
  • Photo Captures by JefferyPhoto Captures by Jeffery Nashville TNMember Posts: 87
    Actually FAA chooses whom they feature and typically it is their top sellers. You still have to market yourself as they don't market nor promote their providers of images. You can set up a free account on FAA with a limit of 25 images to upload.
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  • You’re not stuck here. If you don’t like zenfolio, move your site elsewhere. I did and my sales and visibility have improved.
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