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Are certain layouts and themes by default more SEO friendly?

munish khannamunish khanna new Delhi, IndiaMember Posts: 5
Are certainly layouts and themes by default more SEO friendly? Some layouts look nice but are they equally SEO friendly compared to the ones which have more text but may not look so nice in appearance. Would having BLOG as the home page yield better SEO results?


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 238
    Classic Layouts may be more SEO friendly because they can display a lot of text: The Welcome message, Contact Info, About Info.

    However, the other layouts are also optimized for SEO. It's definitely recommended to display a welcome message on your homepage.

    If you haven't updated your Home Page Title and Web site Description, you may also want to do that. Go to Settings > Website > Search Engine Optimization. The Web Site Description is the small snippet of information that is displayed in search results on Google, Bing, Etc.

    I also recommend enabling Web Master Tools and submitting a sitemap.

    Of course, adding relevant keywords to images and galleries will help too. Blogs in general will yield better SEO results. If you have time, I highly recommend using a Blog. However, you don't have to use your blog as your homepage. There are many photographers with great search engine rankings who have very little text on their homepage.

    Your homepage is important, but you can easily help boost your rankings by following our SEO guide, which you can view http://www.zenfolio.com/us/z/help/support-center#/customer/en/portal/articles/407777-search-engine-tools-and-tips-for-seo

    If you have any specific questions about SEO, please contact our support team here
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    Included in your page is the following

    Usage of keywords
    Zenfolio imports keywords from your photos' IPTC data when the photos are uploaded. You can also edit Keywords for all the photos and galleries in the Photos page of the Dashboard. Furthermore, you can customize the website view to enable photo pages to show those keywords.

    Except you can't anymore if you want to sell your pictures
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54

    Yes! The Classic Templates are absolutely awesome for SEO.

    Make sure that your website description exactly matches your Welcome Message Word-for-Word.

    The reason why the classic templates work better for SEO than all of the others is that they allow you to input and show more text on your Home Page then the others.

    I wrote a blog post outlining a step by step process on how I built a Zenfolio website from scratch and had it ranking on page one of Google in 57 days.


    There are instructions included in the post on how to use the classic homepage template properly.

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