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Plan name changes

What is the difference between the old Premium Business plan and the new Advanced plan? I used to have the best there are features offered in the Advanced plan that I do not have.


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Posts: 238Administrator
    The Advanced plan is similar to your legacy Premium Business plan. However, any new features that are introduced will be added to the Advanced plan.

    Some unique features of the Advanced plan are:

    Phone Support
    Yearbook Pose Feature
    Pre-Order Feature

    For more information about the difference in plans, or any questions about upgrading, please contact our support team here
  • "However, any new features that are introduced will be added to the Advanced plan."

    So does this mean that all of your legacy users that have been with you since the beginning will not get to use updated features if we have the Business Premium plan? I remember being told that the Business Plan would received updates moving forward. Is this Zenfolios way of getting your most loyal users off of the grandfathers Business plan? Please tell me that isn't so.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Posts: 238Administrator
    Our legacy account holders are very special to us, and we encourage you to keep your existing account level if it continues to provide for your needs.

    Please send a message to our Support team if you have any specific questions regarding your plan.
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