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when I die, Zenfolio account access for my children

I have looked high and low for an answer. When I die, how do my children get access to my 10K plus images and how can they secure them, or transfer pics to their account?
Thanks, Brian(still very much alive)


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 238
    Hey Brian!

    I suggest adding one of your children's email address as an alternate email address on your account. You can add this by going to Settings > Account > Personal Information. The option to add an alternate email address is located at the very bottom. We can verify accounts using the alternate email address on file.

    I also suggest leaving your account login information in a secure place that is only accessible at a time when needed.

    While it's not the easiest thing to think about, this is a very important thing to consider!

  • realvisualsrealvisuals Member Posts: 12
    Hey Everyone

    This is a topic that many of us don't think of - planning for our end-of-life, the reality is that it will happen to us all.

    Over many years in business, I've amassed many online accounts for accessing everything from profiles on social media, business listings in portals, software subscriptions and download sites, online accounting software, multiple email boxes, website hosting, the list goes on.

    Some years ago I decided to create "a little black book" which is really just a file stored in my computer hard drive containing all URLs, usernames and passwords for all these accounts. Its not located on any shared devices, and my adult children both know its there, and the file password is on a note inside my will which stored at the solicitors office.

    When we are younger or even in middle age, we often don't consider the unexpected might happen.

    Having seen two friends whose mothers have passed away struggle to close-off all the loose ends, at least leaving behind the access codes can make it slightly easier at a difficult time.

    Of course access to financial, banking and property details should rightly be be left in the hands of your executor.

    Can I suggest that if you have a large library of commercial media you've produced over your lifetime, that you should invest in a server device and have a duplicate stored off site. Most commercial creators of photos and video (and other artistic data such as design and music), will have much more than the finished product to be preserved.

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