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Method for transferring image favorites picks from Zenfolio to Lightroom

Toby KeaneToby Keane Member Posts: 5
It's been an issue I have been fighting with for a long time now. A client creates a favorites list from an uploaded image set from Lightroom and then I want to transfer those picks so as they are represented in my Lightroom and edit the final selection. Currently I have been literally having two windows open and image by image going through visually matching the images. This is a really pain in the behind being really tedious and takes forever if you have a lot of images (like a wedding selection). After recent searching I have just found that Zenfolio do now offer a solution for this (which they didn't have a couple of years ago, at least they are listening...) and it is called their 'Image List Import Plug-in Into Adobe Lightroom'. What I did then find quite upsetting, however, is that this is not a feature that is offered for Pro users which I feel is a little unfair.

Fear not, I have come up with a work around!

What I have worked out is that if you download the favorites selection back onto your computer and then import this into a new folder in the same root folder of the images that you originally uploaded from. If you then label all the downloaded Zenfolio jpegs with a colour (say red) and then you then select both folders you should then have both the RAW file and the exported jpegs which you have downloaded from Zenfolio side by side and you can easily see the favorites and match them up to the image next to it which should be its associated RAW. It is then just a case of selecting each associated RAW files one by one next to its jpeg (hold down cmd/ctrl to select multiples) and hit another label colour and you can relatively quickly match up all the RAW files.

It is worth being aware that it may helps if you have batched renamed your images prior to upload to Zenfolio account for your client to see so they match when you re-import, although if your sorting order is by capture time and date they should still line up.

I hope this may help some people, it's been driving me mad for years!


  • Finchley ThompsonFinchley Thompson Member Posts: 16
    Very inspired tip Toby, I'm going to give it a go.

    Currently I append the cameras sequence No to the end of every Title when publishing to Zenfolio from Lightroom using the JFriedl plugin. So the titles look like "Photo-3476", "Photo-3477" etc I then ask the client to email me the list of last 4 No's of the photos they want. It's slow but works reasonably well.

    I agree that it's a pain that the "Image List Import Plug-in Into Adobe Lightroom" isn't available to Pro level users. I'm not going to upgrade my subscription just for that.

    Anyway, as I understand it the "Image List Import Plug-in Into Adobe Lightroom" still needs manual intervention to make it work. I think the best solution would be for Zen to add the favourites to their API so Jeffrey Friedl could add it to his plugin and the favourites could be synced in one easy click of the Publish button. The favourited photos could be displayed in a Smart Collection based on some metadata like the clients email address!!! As an ex developer I'd love to have a tinker ;-)

    I also use the Alamy Lightroom plug in which has loads of custom fields to hold Alamy data and smart collections so it must be possible.


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