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"New Client Account created" .....................?

I'm not sure if this is a system problem or a user (me!) problem! I'd be grateful if someone can please help me understand a message I got today. I received an e-mail saying that a new client account has been created - I didn't create an account so I was confused.
I thought at first it was a fake/spam e-mail so didn't click on any links but I went directly to my contact list and there's a new client listing which is clearly spam, but I don't use the client list, so how has anyone managed to do this? I have looked all around my site, but I can't see any way for anyone to register......... has my account been hacked?? Do I need to worry?
Thank you


  • Photo Captures by JefferyPhoto Captures by Jeffery Nashville TNMember Posts: 87
    No need to worry. You have it set so folks have to create an account to leave a message/comment on your blog posts.
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  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 238
    Client accounts can be created to save favorites and to order prints and products. If you have the favorites feature and selling enabled, your clients can easily create client accounts to access any saved Favorites or saved shopping carts.

    See this link for more info on Client Accounts.
  • a-ha, thank you for explaining that one, there's always so much to learn!
    Thank you for your help :-)
  • Darkroom PhotographyDarkroom Photography Member Posts: 1

    Is there any kind of 1-800 number where you can contact Zenfolio to report possible hacking? I'm a boudoir photographer and I have highly sensitive photos in my galleries. I need help NOW.

  • ZenPamZenPam Administrator Posts: 7
    It looks like you (Darkroom Photography) have been in touch with our support team. If you need further help, please reach out to them at [email protected] or zenfolio.com/contact - thanks!
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