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iPad Pro lightroom cc DIRECT to Zenfolio?

Hi Zen folks. Wondering if anyone has had this issue yet. I’m trialling using an iPad Pro in the field and when travelling. The pen and basic editing on the Pro is excellent. However I’d like to send the files direct to zenfolio for viewing on a blog page or for clients.
On my iMac desktop and laptop I had an add on that would let my export straight to anew gallery. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this on the iPad Pro? I have found a way where I resale the photos straight to ‘photos’ on the lad and the use the zenfolio app to upload I but seems a bit of long winded way - as well as creating extra copies on my iPad,

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help.


  • tim_majertim_majer Member Posts: 2
    I was hoping that LR Mobile could access a connected SD card and import files directly but it seems it cannot. Photos to be imported to LRM have tone already on the camera roll.
  • Adam,

    Did you ever come to a good Camera - iPad Lightroom (cloud) - to Zenfolio? I am looking for same!

    Tim, if you are still here you can do that with Lightroom now, direct import on an iPad.

    If anyone has good workflow on iPad with Zenfolio, I'd love to hear!
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