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Can we get a guestbook captcha system to prevent spam?

I have seen many comments bemoaning the ease of spamming our Zenfolio guestbooks. I cleaned out six new spam comments today alone! That's since I cleaned it out yesterday afternoon. Moderating is not a solution, as my inbox still gets hit six to nine times a day with new spam messages on my guestbook.

For a while it was Indian movers, then Polish "enhancement" products ... and today it was a combination of the two.

What would it take to implement a captcha system to protect us from spam bots?


  • I know just what you mean. 4-8 Polish entries a day. I would like to delete the guestbook but without rebuilding the entire site with a different theme, I can't see a way to do this.
  • SueGSueG Member Posts: 75
    I think your dashboard should have a box that you can uncheck
  • Three days later and I had to delete 9 spam entries ...
  • I too would like a sophisticated contact page that is fully customizable and includes reCAPTCHA. I was unaware that an update published my eMail address on the contact page, which makes having a form moot, but was stunned that I was being spammed by bots. Since I have an Exchange account I have to go in and manually block domains etc to stop the trash from filling up my eMail, even if it's just in the junk mail folder.

    A sophisticated contact form with security features should be standard on a site that you pay to host. If I had a custom website built and maintained it would include these security features.

    I read a blog post by Zenfolio that it doesn't support CAPTCHA, which is stunning. I really don't want to have to pay another service for a contact form, when a robust customizable contact form should be included. It is critical to be able to communicate with your customers or potential customers and to know you are communicating with a person and not a robot
  • RobslensRobslens Member Posts: 4
    Every day I waste time deleting spam guestbook comments. Is there a fix to this besides deleting the guestbook?

    Because of this continual nonesense, I cannot recommend zenfolio to anyone looking for such a site. And I am contemplating deleting my site and going elsewhere.
  • RobslensRobslens Member Posts: 4
    Is zenfolio even reading this forum?
  • I think they read it sometimes. Maybe eMail them and ask them where to add a request for a new feature list.

    Have you considered modifying your guestbook/blog comments so that people need to register in order to post a comment? It may reduce spam.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 238
    Our best suggestion is to disable the ability for visitors to add public comments.

    To do this, go to the PHOTOS tab in the Dashboard of your account.
    Then, in the Organizer on the left, click on the top-level "All Photographs" Group
    In the Toolbox on the right, choose "Group Access"
    In the Comments tab, uncheck the boxes that say
    "Allow new posts from users not registered with Zenfolio"
    "Allow new public posts (anyone can see them)"

    I hope that helps!
  • I did disable the ability for folks to leave public comments a few months ago, but this feature is only helpful in that the spam doesn't go public. It does NOT prevent the spam--so I still have to manually delete each spam post myself or let it sit in the pending comments of my guestbook forever. It's frustrating and annoying, as these bots are relentless, and for the amount of money I pay Zenfolio for my straightforward site (which I don't use to sell anything, either), a spam filter is the least Zenfolio could provide.
  • I second this motion! A few months ago I was getting MANY spams in my guestbook and Zenfolio's solution was to disallow guestbooks. A terrible solution but ok I did that. Yesterday I turned Guestbook back on a BAM - today another SPAM! Please build a Captcha system to block this.
  • BigSkyKatieBigSkyKatie Member Posts: 151
    37 per day for me every day for the past week except for Sunday (I guess even fraudsters take Sunday off).
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  • BigSkyKatieBigSkyKatie Member Posts: 151
    Edit to my previous comment. 51 last night. 51 spam comments on guestbook and galleries, all with multiple URL'S. Captcha would be great. Blocking URL's would be great. Closing down comments entirely is not great, but it's going to be the only option. That's not cool, Zenfolio. Give us something, please!
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  • BigSkyKatieBigSkyKatie Member Posts: 151
    New record! 100 fraud/spam comments for me to delete today!
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  • BigSkyKatieBigSkyKatie Member Posts: 151
    54 today. UGH!!!!
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    Referral Code: GKD-1J1-PWZ (good for a 10% credit when you sign up for Zenfolio)
  • I REMOVED my guestbook entirely because of the spam comments, and I'm STILL getting notifications of guestbook entries EVERY DAY. Something must be done, this is ridiculous.
  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 89
    Hi Sheila! So sorry to hear of the difficulty!

    Make sure the Guestbook has been turned off at the All Photographs top level group in Access Settings on the Comments tab by unchecking both Allow Comments and Allow Guestbook. This should disable to ability for any new comments to be added.

    If you are still having diffiuclty with new comments after trying that, then please reach out to the Support Team and they will be happy to help!
  • How about a filter so that we can deny comments with "http" in the comment?
  • Luz Control PhotographyLuz Control Photography Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2020
    I'm in the same boat as Sheila. I removed my guestbook and am still getting entries--practically every day... I'm going to try what Allison recommends above and see how it works.
  • I decided to delete my guestbook. Guess What! The spammer still gets around that with adding GUESTBOOK to the URL. Zenfolio really needs to address this issue. I can no longer rely on Stats to have an idea of traffic (unless I manually try to weed out the spammers). Maybe some other system rather than a generic GUESTBOOK added to URL.
  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 89
    Hi Warren! If you disable commenting on the guestbook, then even when the built-in page is accessed using a direct link, no new additional entries will be able to be added. Do this by selecting the top level group in the Organizer, typically All Photographs. Click Group Access > Commenting tab > uncheck Allow Guestbook and Allow Comments > Save.
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