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New to zenfolio: how to optimize image scaling of home page slideshow?

I started with using the ESRA template and "full screen with sidebar B". My problem is that it looks to me like image scaling is more a matter of luck then a controlled process. Choosing how the images are adjusted in the frame isn't really helping. Is there a way to control how images are scaled? Or is there an optimal image size that I need to supply for the slideshow not to cut off heads etc?


  • Chuck CimarikChuck Cimarik Member Posts: 1
    Anyone have a suggestion? I've been searching the forum and haven't found the clues....
  • When using a full screen layout, it is best to use wide horizontal images. That layout is designed to fill the entire browser window and since most browser windows are not vertical, tall portrait images should be avoided.
  • Boback PhotographyBoback Photography Member Posts: 1
    I ran into the same problem, and it also is a case of what the client screen dimensions are. If the client screen is say a laptop then it may not be 1080X1920 And if they are using one of the 4K varients, who knows.What I did for some images was I regenerated them for the home screen and added a border all the way around that added up to 1600 wide and 900 for height.making certain that there was at least SOME KIND OF MARGIN on each side of the image. That way since Zenfolio forces a fit on the screen width it would show the whole image as long as the screen was at least 1600 wide and only the buffered margins would overflow the screen on the top and bottom.

    This is far from optimal, and almost any of the old fashion gallery utilities for say Joomla would simply allow you to parameterize the resizing either by directory or by photo... but it works for the moment.

    Zenfolio development team:

    This issue above is just one of many things that for some reason is not a problem anywhere else. You might learn a bundle by checking out some of those older gallery apps. They had cool things like assigning a URL to ANY actual photo or virtual photo that allowed you to cause the photos to me visual menus to drill down in a site. Simple and effective.

    As an IT analyst with 37 years of active work behind me I keep getting the feeling that you may have been the first to develop a platform and did it quick and it seemed to work, but at this point all the newcomers have leapfrogged over you and you are stuck at trying to figure out how to retrofit the new features into what is now an aging platform.

    The answer is you do not. You simply make a new platform, and give your client base the tools to move across what they can, and move on. It is about time you consider just biting that bullet.
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