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Hey everyone - I'm hoping for some inspiration here - my in-built blog page looks like crap. http://www.karenengelphotography.com/blog

I'm hoping someone can show me an example of a better way to set one up. I guess what I would really like to see are selectable templates in a more readable and visually appealing form - but AFAIK this doesn't exist.


  • Hi Karen,

    First of all: you have a great site and some awesome articles on you blog.
    It seems that for the blog page, you have the same "challenge" that I had with the layout you selected: how to get images that look well on the page-wide blog headers on the blog page.
    That is the reason I changed to a layout with smaller images to the right


    Unfortunately, all the Zenfolio blog templates are a bit....boring.... And basically all blogs from Zenfolio users look the same.

    Having said that: please keep in mind that it is the content that attracts viewers, and not specifically the layout of your blog homepage. Of course, it needs to look a bit organized and should be easy to navigate.

    On a related note: I would like to recommend that you have a link to your blog as a separate menu item on your pages, and not 'hidden' in the 'About' menu.

    Eric @ Manten|Photography
  • Thank you Eric - I'm going to change to that layout - it looks better so it's very much appreciated. Also thanks for the tip on the Blog navigation - yes, it's surely more interactive if we get it on the top level. Being a creative for me makes it so hard to stay on task and generate content, but it's also very important to keep things fresh.

    I very much enjoyed perusing through your work - some great adventures/travels!

    Thanks again - Karen
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54
    edited December 2018
    I’ve customized my blog with a few extras such as review widgets, custom contact form & social media live feeds. Super useful for SEO :)
  • Hi Eric at Mantan Photography,

    I love how you added categories to the side of your blog. How did you do that?
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54
    Yes! Eric at Mantan Photography, how did you create the blog categories?
  • @ A Style Photography and @ Siko:

    First, you need to decide on and stick with a couple of specific keywords to define different types of blog posts. Like I did with Haiku, Pictales, Essays, Art Info, and Photography Info.

    Depending on the type of blog post, make sure that you add at least one of these keywords to that posts keywords list.

    Next, you create a search on your own search page (where the magnifier appears). For example, one search I created was a search for the keyword PicTale. This created the URL https://www.mantenphotography.com/blog/keyword?k=PicTale

    Then you go to the section where you can edit the blog's sidebar. There you add the blog category and link that to the URL you created. In my example, I added the word "PicTale" as a blog category and made it a link to the URL I described above.

    This you do with each keyword and blog category you want to create and add to your sidebar.

    I hope this helps.
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54
    That is freakin awesome! Thank you so much for the info :)
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54
    If anyone is interested, I made a video tutorial outlining how to create new blog categories here on Zenfolio for future users...

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