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Zenfolio to NextGen Pro Gallery

I haven't posted much in here at all over the years, not big into the whole forum thing unless I am looking for answers to specific issues.

This will more than likely be the last time I ever post something here. June 29 my subscription to Zenfolio is up for renewal and I have made the decision to not renew it. I have had a Premium Business Account for the last....5 or 6 years I believe. For about four years I was pleased with it, no big issues and I could do about everything I wanted to do with it. But as many of you know, the last couple years have been different as a Zenfolio customer. I can't point to one specific thing, but there are a few small issues that over time a person simply gets tired of putting up with.

There have been issues with the Theme Designer for as long as I have had an account here. They can look back at all the emails I have sent pointing this out and asking for help with it to see just how many times I have brought it up. The subject would be about frames and shadows around large gallery view images. I gave up on getting this resolved a couple years ago and just lived with what I had.

As we all are very aware, a year or so ago the shopping page was redesigned and put into use. As far as I can tell the majority of customers simply don't like it, myself included. Very little customization so you end up with a stock looking page that basically doesn't look like the rest of your site. That one kinda pushed me to the edge.

Then around that time, we all were told Zenfolio will begin keeping 7% of all sales. I guess because everyone else is doing it and can make more money so hey, why not Zenfolio. As if the annual fee isn't enough.

I know I need an e-commerce site that will grow with my business the way I would like it to grow. I am one that demands control over what I show the world because basically it is my work and it needs to be presented in a specific manner. I also didn't have a problem paying $250 per year for a Premium Business Account. But the additional 7% on all sales is, in my opinion, legal thievery.

In wrapping this up I need to mention the solution that I moving to and am very happy with. Since my main website has always been built on Wordpress I wanted a Wordpress solution. Today, with the vast improvements that have been made, NextGen Gallery by Imagely is a no-brainer.

I would recommend a lifetime subscription of the NextGen Pro Account which can be purchased at a substantial discount many times throughout the year. That is a one time payament and done, forever. Very customizable right from the start and completely customizable with simple css additions. Integrates with your payment provider such as PayPal (just like Zenfolio). The PayPal fee all there is, no additional 7% being kept by anyone but you.

Sorry I rambled on so long but thought I would share some final thoughts and a bit of advice.


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