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Giving one client permission to download files in public gallery

I have a theater production company as a client. The actors and public can download individual images at a per-file fee, but the client will get all the photos for publicity purposes. Can I set up a unique access code for the client to download all the files at no cost? (Because I've already been paid). I need to preserve the per photo pricing for all other customers. Thanks!


  • Finchley ThompsonFinchley Thompson Member Posts: 16
    I think you might be able to create a coupon with a 100% discount and only give the coupon to your client. Coupons can be restricted to specific galleries and types of products but not specific clients. They are under the Selling drop down menu in your admin view.


  • You could do the 100 discount, but you would be stuck paying the download service fee every time they download an image. It might be better to make a separate gallery for those images, but dont list it as public on your website (either hide it from visitors, or password protect it), and dont allow it to be searchable. If you only provide your client with the gallery link, no one else would see it.
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