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International transaction fee on credit card charged to customer in same country as photographer?

This is a question for users outside of the USA.

I'm in Australia setting up a Zenfolio website to sell prints within Australia.

As a test I ordered a print from the integrated vendor in Australia and paid using my credit card.

My credit card was charged an international transaction fee, being 3% of the transaction amount.

I realise now that payments are actually processed by Zenfolio in the USA even though Zenfolio
have an Australian subsidiary website address i.e. "com.au", this is obviously only an online
presence and they aren't physically in Australia. I also realise Zenfolio probably would have
no control over my credit card provider charging the international transaction fee.

Note I ordered from my account not as a customer but I don't think this will make any difference.

I've emailed Zenfolio support who are still looking into this.

Has anyone outside of the USA had a customer from with your country query an international
transaction fee, if so how did you deal with it?


  • Hi Mervyn, I'm in the process of setting up my Zen website to sell photos from Australia and was wondering if you got a response from Zen regarding this?
  • Mervyn LoweMervyn Lowe Member Posts: 3
    Hi Andrea.

    it hasn't been resolved. Last response two weeks ago was it had been passed on to the accounting team to investigate but if I do get a response I think they'll confirm that there's nothing they can do about the fee being charged. I suggest you look at the alternative Foto Merchant who are based in Australia.

  • I've had several customers complain, and given only a small percentage take the time to complain I can only assume a lot more are unhappy about it. I've tried to have it resolved but no luck over the past few years. All I can do is explain to the customers that the site is hosted off shore and offer them a discount equal to their charges on the next purchase.
  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    Hi there,

    I have also been ordering in place of my client last year

    Had a major issue due to option mentionned in the product description, but missing from the print manufactured by Picto

    But after doouble checking my bank account, i didn't get any extra transaction fee

    FYI, i am based in France, where ZF used to have an office at the time (no longer i believe), and the transaction writting on my bank account listings shows Netherlands
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