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Domain Configuration Test Results

I'm confused about the test results. In one paragraph, it says "The domain name you chose for your Zenfolio pages is a host name within your domain.This is good as it enables your site pages to be delivered through a CDN (content delivery network), which improves the speed of your site."

But, I still get the warning: uses an A record.This configuration is permitted but not recommended since it prohibits the use of CDN."

I thought that we had to have the A record to enable my domain name to be used on Zenfolio. Can anyone clarify?


  • cphotocphoto San FranciscoPosts: 120Member
    I'm confused too!

    When going to
    I get:
    Error: does not resolve correctly

    We could not find any A or CNAME records for It is recommended that you configure with a CNAME record pointing to Using an A record pointing to is permitted but not recommended.

    But many months ago we did change our CNAME to point to per Zenfolio guidelines.

    Anyone else getting an error while running this test? Did you contact [email protected] about it?
  • sandylpsandylp Posts: 24Member
    After reading your comment, I wonder if each separate gallery page should be listed in the CNAME section to point to rather than just the domain name. Right now, when I select a specific gallery page, it shows as this example: I did contact support. They replied with the instruction page.
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