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I cannot change email and cannot contact support without email!

When I first got my account 2 years ago, I had a godaddy account with a custom email. Well, that email expired. Now, every time I try to change my email address with zenfolio, it keeps telling me the email address is not recognizable; well of course it's not! My go daddy account expired so the email is gone! Every single time I log onto my zenfolio account and try to change the email, it appears that I did, but when I log back on, I still have to log on with my OLD email. When I try to contact customer support, it asks for my email. But, as I said I can't even contact customer support because it's analyzing the OLD email that now no longer works! I try to get zenfolio to call me. Well, guess what? You still have to fill out a form which includes your email. And, as I said, MY EMAIL IS NO LONGER VALID.

I cannot change my email. I cannot change my password. I cannot get in touch with anyone. This is extremely frustrating!

I cannot even change the email on my CONTACT PAGE of my website. It still refers to my old INACTIVE go daddy email.

My account expires in 4 days. Is that why I cannot do anything? I'm seriously thinking about just letting the account expire and getting a new one with a gmail account this time.
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