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Cannot Change email without using current email. Guess what? Current email no longer exists!

When I first got my account 2 years ago, I had a godaddy account with a custom email. I used that email to register for my Zenfolio account. Well, that email expired. Now, everytime I try to change my email address with zenfolio, it keeps telling me the email address is not recognizable; well of course it's not! My go daddy account expired so the email is gone! Every single time I log onto my zenfolio account and try to change the email, it appears that I did, but when I log back on, I still have to log on with my OLD email. When I try to contact customer support, it asks for my email. But, as I said I can't even contact customer support because it's analyzing the OLD email that now no longer works! I try to get zenfolio to call me. Well, guess what? You still have to fill out a form which includes your email. And, as I said, MY EMAIL IS NO LONGER VALID.

I cannot change my email. I cannot change my password. I cannot get in touch with anyone. This is extremely frustrating!

I cannot even change the email on my CONTACT PAGE of my website. It still refers to my old INACTIVE go daddy email.

My account expires in 4 days. Is that why I cannot do anything? I'm seriously thinking about just letting the account expire and getting a new one with a gmail account this time.


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    UPDATE: So, I was NOT able to cancel my "automatic renewal" to my Zenfolio account because in order to cancel automatic renewal you need to input your "valid" email. So, guess what? Zenfolio charged me for another year! What type of service makes it where you cannot even CANCEL or CHANGE automatic charges without an email? You can't call them without a valid email. You cannot even change your email to something else without using the email account you originally gave them? What happens if a HACKER steals your current email and you don't want to use it anymore? It means you have essentially lost your ability to control your Zenfolio account. WOW! Really???
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  • Hi there.

    Sorry for the frustration but we're happy to help.

    You can change the email address associated with your account without the need to access the previous email. But I can see that it is too late to resolve that issue but we can still at least help by refunding your recent subscription fee and closing your account.

    So that we can do that for you, please send us a message with your request through this page.

    Make sure to use that email that address that you can access so we can reply to you. Also, please make sure to include some account information so that we can find your account e.g. url of your site, your username, email address linked to your account.

    Lastly, also include the last 4 digits of the credit card listed on file in your account as that will be needed to verify account ownership.

    Please send the message within 30 days of the renewal charge so we can refund that charge.
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    I don't like Smugmug. It's too much learning. I really want to stay with zenfolio but you folks gotta make it where a person can change emails without contacting customer service. I sent used the form as you stated. Hopefully, we can get this straightened out.
  • Thanks for sending the message. We'll be in touch soon.

    Just to clarify, Zenfolio users can change the email address associated with their account anytime without the need to contact Zenfolio support.

    The instructions for how to change the email address can be found here.
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