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Images look blurry when uploaded to my gallery

I work really hard to have tack sharp eyes in my portrait work. I've uploaded a new gallery and it looks MEH, not sharp at all. Are there certain settings I should be using when exporting from Lightroom (CC) that will display my images better? AND....if they look off in the gallery - how will they look when a client orders a print?
I want my clients to see the work at it's best, not a second rate version.
Please let me know if there is anything different I can do to make them look better.
I've tried emailing customer support, but have not heard back.
Thank you,


  • For best display of your images, we recommend doing these 3 things:

    1. Allow the display of the largest display image size
    2. Upload images that have the same or bigger pixel dimensions as the largest display image size
    3. Disable image scaling if you're viewing the page with large high resolution monitors

    I checked our email inbox but I did not see any recent emails from anyone named Wendy so there might be an issue that prevented your message from reaching us.

    If you still have questions about this issue, please try contacting us again by sending us a message through this page.
  • I've now emailed three times, I just sent one about 10 minutes ago. I'll try your suggestions above and see if they help. Thank you.
  • I've tried out your suggetions above. There was nothing for me to change. Apparently, they are already set to display the highest image size and there is no 'original' option for me to check.

    Should I be exporting my photo's to be printed extra large? Ex..in lightroom at export 'resize to fit' should I be putting in specific dementions and make it big? Will that improve the quality?
    I want to show my clients high quality work...I also want them to get high quality prints. I'm not great at the technical exporting game. LOL.

    Please help,
    Thank you
  • This is one of the biggest downfalls of using Zenfolio. Your images will be viewed at 1550px max at the highest setting with no option to allow full resolution. This means that viewing on any high resolution monitor makes the images look blurry. This has been an issue since 2013 with no attempts to correct it. Plain and simple it makes high quality images suck when viewing. Zenfolio really needs to fix this and there are other post complaining about it.

    Upload a few of the same images to smugmug or shootproof and you will see a night and day difference.
  • Patrick PearcePatrick Pearce Member Posts: 2
    Just signed up for a trial, but this is a showstopper for me. I've subsequently found several articles on this and Zenfolio just seem to ignore all of them. FB allowed images up to 2048px in 2010! ...and this is supposed to be a pro photography service? How disappointing.
  • Dapper PhotoDapper Photo Member Posts: 4
    Has there been a workaround for this? No one is going to hire me, my images look like garbage on my homepage.
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