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Contributing Photographers


I have just finished building a new website for my artisits group, currently called nebuliarts.zenfolio.com. I am the site's administrator. The group has 12 artists, including myself, who are defined as contributing photographers. Our expectation is that each artist will manage and upload to galleries assign to them.

In my pre-release testing I have come across some issues in the contributing photographer functionality that I don't understand.

I my main group, John Bardell, 4 sub - groups and, within the sub groups various galleries.

Within the group the group Black & White I can edit group detail, I can edit gallery details and I can edit photo details, all of which I expected to do.

Within in group Colour I can edit group details but cannot edit gallery details and cannot edit the photo details of any of the images the "various" gallery.

Within the Creative group I cannot edit group details, cannot edit gallery details of either gallery and and cannot edit photo details of any photos.

Within the Series group I cannot edit group details, cannot edit gallery details of either gallery (note the second gallery contains no images yet) and cannot photo details on any image in the Decaying Form gallery.

I can edit the photo details of the only image in the test gallery which is a part of the John Bardell group only.

My understaning of the contributing photographer function is that each contributing photographer would have full control/management rights over all groups and subgroups assigned to them as per in the Black and White group example above. As you can see I'm getting inconsistent results

Can you please advise how I can resolve and get all my contributing photographer groups to behave as per the Black and White group above.




  • Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with your account.

    So that we can look into that issue, please send Zenfolio support a message through this page.

    So that we can review those groups, please make sure to include links to those specific groups in your message.
  • Nebuli ArtsNebuli Arts Member Posts: 9

    Have just discovered the need to change the ownership on the groups and galleries from "account owner" to the name of the contributing photographer else a contributing photographer can only amend galleries and groups that they have loaded. In this instance I had, as account owner, pre-populated their gallaries form the website that we are replacing.

    I must have missed the doco on this point.

    Thanks for looking at this and apologies for any inconvenience.

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