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Why is there a Zenfolio watermark on my videos?

I'm new to Zenfolio, and maybe I've missed something in this regard, but why is there a watermark on my videos? A ZENFOLIO watermark? If I want to market myself, why do I want a Zenfolio watermark of any kind, of any Zenfolio branding on my PAYING web site? Yes, I am at the bottom layer, but this comes together with the issue of Zenfolio branding and Terms of Service links at the bottom of the page as well, issue discussed in a few other threads, and my understanding is that all the plans you offer have that Zenfolio stuff at the bottom. Again, this is really, really annoying and defetist, you are offering hosting and services for people who want to market themselves and their own brand. It's not a matter of WHY you're doing it, it's a matter of STOP DOING IT. Please.


  • It only appears when you hover the mouse over it, but that's still not cool. It's actually in keeping with the same sneaky style that Zenfolio seems to choose to use when it comes to plastering their brand all over clients' paying sites.
  • As you've already noticed, that logo is part of the video player. It is not a logo that has been added to your videos.

    Also please note that you can replace that logo with your own. Click here for how to use your own logo in the video player.
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