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Option to show individual images in "Recently Added" (not only whole galleries) Perhaps I have overl

I have been looking for a way to show recently added photos from all of my galleries/collections for some time and came across this post from 2010 and there still seems to be no way to do it but it would seem a lot of people would like this feature. Come on guys I am a web administrator and although I deal mostly with the front end of websites I am sure this can't be that hard to add as option. Most sites have this by default as the way to view photos yet here it seems to be totally missing unless I am mistaken?

I would even like to use the grid layout as a home page but only if I can display recently added photos from all galleries not just one chosen one.



  • Thanks for submitting your request to our user voice forum.

    In the meantime, one thing you could do is create a new collection and call it 'Recent Photos'. You can then add newly added photos to that collection.
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