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Is anyone out there using Zenfolio's pre-order option?

Just wanted to know if anyone else out there is using Zenfolio's preorder option. I'm trying it out now but I'm disheartened that it has a low priority in getting updates. It has great potential but needs fixes and additional features to look professional. I'm hoping others will respond to this post so that the preorder option can gain some visibility and move Zenfolio to put a higher priority on fixes and features for this option.


  • calinitcalinit Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2018
    I know how to set a product Out of Stock but still take pre-orders on that product. My issue that sometimes I have a product option that goes out of stock. I want to take regulars orders on product options that are in stock and pre-orders on products that are out of stock.

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  • Unless I am missing something, my biggest concern in wanting to use this for a school is marrying the data of each student with their image, which can be done in, for instance, Millers Schools.
  • For my business, matching up Photos to order is not an issue. 9.9% is. Zenfolios new 9.9% service fee is not an option I can afford. Yearly fee plus 9.9% for managing preorder that I want to fill is high. I’m looking for a new service that will support preorder and not cost me so much. Very disappointed.
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