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website down

My website appears to be down with the last 2 hours.

Is this a general problem or just me?


  • I can enter in my website, but when it opens it's only words in a random order. There is no photos or background. It won't let me login.
  • This is what I get
  • Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue when visiting your site.

    I took a look at your site to see what your visitors will see and I've verified that your site is being displayed as normal.

    See screenshot:

    In this case, it looks as if there is a browser issue preventing the site from being displayed properly for you.

    To verify if this is the case, try visiting your site using a different web browser and then see if your site is displayed as normal.

    If necessary, you can download current versions of these web browsers for free here:

    Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
    Chrome: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/

    If you're seeing the site when using a different web browser, it may help to clear the cache from your other browser as that usually resolves most issues.
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    You are truly becoming a joke.
    Jeffery Johnson
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  • I am getting 404 page error
  • If you're using a custom domain, please check to make sure that you're domain is correctly pointed to Zenfolio.

    Click here for more info on how to correctly point your custom domain.
  • My domain is hosted through GoDaddy and pointed to my Zenfolio account, which I've had for years. I called Godaddy first and they said this message is coming from Zenfolio. My WEB site has been working until yesterday. I need help because this is my busy season with High School Senior Portraits.

    Below is the message I get:

    404 Web Site not found.
    You may be seeing this error due to one of the reasons listed below :

    Custom domain has not been configured inside Azure. See how to map an existing domain to resolve this.
    Client cache is still pointing the domain to old IP address. Clear the cache by running the command ipconfig/flushdns.
    Checkout App Service Domain FAQ for more questions.
  • I just had a customer contact me and stated that she's tried to access my website several times and keeps getting a 404 Website Not Found error. This is a serious problem for me because I refer customers to my website constantly. Please, can anyone help and tell me how to resolve this problem?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Sherrie Powell Photography
  • claskowskiclaskowski Durham, NCMember Posts: 2
    I have duplicated the issue on a PC and a Mac. It appears on both using Chrome and also on the PC using IE. It does not appear when using Safari on a Mac.

    As for the custom-domain explanation - I disagree. I use a custom domain name and never had any issues. This is an issue that appeared today. All was fine yesterday.
  • David-NicholasDavid-Nicholas Member Posts: 27
    Sherrie, have you have any luck getting your situation resolved?

    I'm in contact with WestHost, where my domain name is registered so we can look at the DNS information. I configured this stuff 9 years ago!!! Everything has been working for years now until I tried to access my website today, and I'm getting these crazy 404 error messages.

    When I got into my Zenfolio dashboard interface, I was able to click on a "Test DNS Setup" button, and everything checked OK except for one failure that said the CNAME record pointed to zenfolio.com, and the recommended setting is to have the CNAME record point to custom.zenfolio.com.

    So I'm now in touch with the folks at Westhost to see what's specified in my DNS settings. And if the CNAME record is not correct now, then we'll change it to "custom.zenfolio.com".

    I guess the bottom line still remains... WHEN did this all start not working???? And why weren't Zenfolio clients notified of this change? Like I said earlier, I set this stuff up 9 years ago... and everything has been working just fine until the past few days. I wanna say I accessed my site to upload photos about 2 weeks ago. And everything worked fine for several days after that, because my clients were accessing the site. Only today I discovered the site is no longer accessible. And there are certainly no issues relative to the domain name expiring, etc.... that's all good for well into 2019.

    So what's up here Zenfolio??????????????
  • David-NicholasDavid-Nicholas Member Posts: 27
    Sherrie, just to follow up.... 3rd-level support from WestHost sent me an email indicating my DNS CNAME record was updated to point to custom.zenfolio.com, and everything seems to be working A-OK now. So I would definitely contact your domain registrar for assistance.

    The bigger problem as I see it is Zenfolio never gave us a heads-up (as far as I can see) that this "updated setting" was needed. Those of us who configured our DNS setting YEARS ago should have been notified that something was gonna change. This is not something you just "change the documentation" and hope everyone is gonna read about some day. Discovering our domain is down is not the way you provide outstanding service for long-time customers.

    Anybody from Zenfolio wanna step forward and explain what happened here? One of your long-time customers from 9-10 years ago would like an answer. Thank you!
  • David-NicholasDavid-Nicholas Member Posts: 27
    Folks, I just encountered this same problem earlier today (in the wee hours of the morning here on the East Coast) and was not too happy about it. My website has been working fine for 9-10 years now, and all of a sudden my clients were getting these 404 error messages as described in one of the above posts.

    After contacting my domain registrar (WestHost) at 4AM Eastern Time, their level-1 support opened a ticket for their level-3 support. I had explained what I thought was the problem to level-1, and they indicated their level-3 folks would need to update my DNS settings.

    Apparently 9 or so YEARS ago when I set up my DNS records, the recommended approach was to have your CNAME record point to "zenfolio.com". And that clearly worked for me for close to 10 years now. But at some point VERY recently, that changed without any notice as far as I can see. The new, correct setting should have the CNAME record point to "custom.zenfolio.com".

    This morning around 9AM, I received an email from WestHost's level-3 indicating that the CNAME record had been updated, and all is now well.

    Would anybody at Zenfolio wanna step forward and explain WHEN this change occurred and WHY your long-time customers were never told about this???? The damage has been done (once again), but I'd still appreciate knowing who dropped the ball on this. Thank you.
  • There was an email from Zenfolio about a month or two ago indicating that change had to be made. I remember because I did not have a clue what to do and used the chat feature to get it set up for my hosting (GoDaddy).
  • I received this link from Zenfolio on July 7: http://training.zenfolio.com/https-readiness.pdf which indicated these changes needed to be made. It had to do with their move over to HTTPS (so I understand)

  • Zenfolio won't take my password and consequently I cannot log in. This happens periodically and I have to have you send an email to reset.
    Please help me!
    Suzanne Stark
  • Anyone else think that these upload/bandwidth/server nonsense has become absolutely and utterly ridiculous?

    Adding insult to injury is everyone (seemingly) taking all these standard pat answers from zenfolio that they're working to resolve the issue...when the same issues, same answers, same problems and same Zenfolio Forums threads exist month after month after month.

    Time for a partial refund for having to put up with this crap.
  • It's really bad. Today has me completely frustrated. Some sort of explanation would help.
  • ChessiePhotoChessiePhoto Member Posts: 7
    Been with Zen for ten years and I've seen it time after time, after time. Especially whenever they have a scheduled maintenance update, holy cow, get your work done before (if you can) because after the maintenance.....there will be problems.
  • Is there any update on the upload issue? I have been dealing with upload issues for MONTHS and i am at the point of finding a different web host. This is impacting my business significantly and the support responses of ' please be patient' are no longer acceptable.
  • I got up at 4am to upload. It was working well, like back to normal well. I was able to upload a bulk of my files (~40000 jpgs) in 3.5 hours. It has slowed down again. I would suggest getting up in the middle of the night to upload until this mess is figured out.
  • I sent a message to customer service at 5:30 this morning and I have yet to get a response. I have a client that asked for a refund so they can order another package. I have had to contact my client to ask them to please be patient.
  • They never respond quick. You will get a better response by using chat during their business hours.
  • Where do I find chat?
  • Oh I see now it is not available to all members. I am only a premium not a pro or advanced. I have been with zenfolio for many years and now I am considering switching
  • I have no idea what is going on. I usually get a response within hours from Zen. Today after 12 hours from my first support message I have not heard from anyone in regards to a client request. I cannot contact any other way sonce I am only a premium member. can anyone help me? I have a very upset client that needs a refund.
  • Hi there,

    We actually replied to your original message and cancelled that order.

    If you have not seen our response, please check your spam or junk email folders.

  • Count me in here.

    Years long problems.
  • edited December 2018
    My website keeps providing an error message to myself and my clients on any device we attempt to access my website from. I had a gallery to deliver today for a wedding client and neither my website or their gallery will load. So disappointing.
  • I this is may be my last draw, I’ve been so disappointed with the layouts being outdated vs competition anyway, especially the generic mobile site... think it’s time to move on. Sucks because I have years of galleries saved on this website.
  • My website has been down for nearly 24 hours, failing to connect to the server on any device or web browser. I have clients anxiously awaiting their galleries and Zenfolio hasn’t responded to any emails, messages or these posts. Absolutely frustrating. My renewal is not until June, there are zero error reports listed on Zenfolio’s site - I get that it’s a busy time of year, but we count on this company to resolve problems like this quickly and efficiently - it totally stinks as a business owner to have to explain to your client that I am at your mercy to get my website up and running so that they may view their galleries.
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