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Experience with the Copyright Protection Service?

Hi everyone - have any of you had any experience with the Zenfolio Copyright Protection Service? Has the service found unauthorized use of your image(s), and successfully yielded a takedown of the unauthorized usage, and a payout of a claim? Was the payout amount you received enough to warrant the annual fee for the service?


  • Stay away and save your money. It doesn't work and Zenfolio doesnt back up that service. The fact that Zenfolio is still offering it is absurd and speak volumes.
  • Take that money and put it towards an actual IP attorney instead. I'm glad the add-on was 50% off when I added it. No way will I be renewing it. The company is run out of France. I find more of my photos online by myself by doing Google searches or others who know me contacting me if my watermark didn't get cropped out of the photo. It seems like it ignores all social media, yet that is where most infringement takes place. So far Pixtrakk has primarily found my photos on spam links or my own website. It hasn't even found photos on the sites that I have listed as sites to track, yet I have found my photos on those sites (not social media sites). I found my photo on a website by myself, this was someone who purchased a photo with a Print Only License and they had it displayed on their website, and since I'm paying for the add-on, figured I might as well use it. I filed a claim 9/11/18 in which a case was created. It is now 2/11/19, and I have not heard ANYTHING AT ALL in regards to this case. I can't even contact anyone about it, which brings me to:

    READ THE SMALL PRINT! Zenfolio has in the small print part about it not being their fault if it doesn't work. And that same small print says, "The Client agrees to not contact the User, either directly or indirectly, or to attempt to obtain compensation without the assistance of the Firm before and during proceedings."

    I wish I had just contacted the infringer in the first place, this would've been settled by now.
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