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How to get the ZF gallery/folder/page ID even if a 'friendly url' has been created...

Greetings - I am working on a program for myself and I need to get the ZF url for given gallery/folder/page ID even if there is a 'friendly URL' present. While exploring the API and setting some break points in my code, I can see there is a 'PageURL' property (https://www.zenfolio.com/zf/help/api/ref/objects/snapshots/group) but this does give the ZF page url.

For example...
This is the PageURL that the API returns: https://collaborativeimagery.zenfolio.com/animaldemo (screen shot attached)...

But what I need is this...

Is there something (fingers crossed) in the API that I am missing that will get me this information?



  • Isaac EllisIsaac Ellis Member Posts: 5
    attaching file...
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  • You can get that URL by temporarily removing the Friendly URL. Doing so will display the default URL where the Friendly URL is edited.

    You can then assign the Friendly URL again after you've seen the default URL.
  • Isaac EllisIsaac Ellis Member Posts: 5
    @ChessZen ... thanks for the reply. I was considering this, but is there anything in the API that would identify a URL as 'friendly'? I could check to see if it begins with a 'p' or 'g', but that seems like a less than ideal solution.
  • bcabca Member Posts: 4
    @Isaac Ellis
    did you ever sort this? I know it's a pretty old question now - 1 year in fact!
    I've been looking into the Zenfolio API (using Postman) over the last couple of weeks and find it a little difficult to follow..would be good if thee were at least working examples of requests (containing methods and object updaters) to follow. The
    BUT...although it's convoluted it is possible to get the original URL using the API by storing your friendly urls in an Array (use loadGroupHierarchy).
    Using the IDs from the hierarchy invoke the method updatePhotoSet and set the customUrl to null.
    This will then enable you to read the original url...then simply replace the friendly url with the values stored in your array.

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