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Delete account created in error


I run a zenfolio website (nebuliarts.zenfolio.com) for a local group of 12 artists each of whom are classified as contributing photographers and each of whom upload to and manage their own galleries. This works well for the group.

Unfortunately, when attempting to login, one of our contributing photographers clicked on "Sign Up Now" rather than "Login" and proceeded to create an account using her contributing photographer details. The situation is currently as follows:

• an account artistsname.zenfolio has been created
• when I view artistname.zenfolio I get the artists home page wit nothing behind it (as expected)
• when I login as the arist using her email address (which is the same for the new account and her contributing photography id) I get the message that there are several accounts with that email address, please login with user name). I can see why there may be multiple accounts.
• when I login using the user id for the new account I go to the website build pages (as expected)

• as owner of the group's website, nebuliarts.zenfolio.com, I received notification that a new account in the artistsname.zenfolio had been created.
• When I login to the nebuliarts.zenfolio.com as the webstite owner, as expected, I see the artist listed as a contributing photographer. When selecting the artist's gallery I see all of the artist's works. When I click on "Homepage" I see the group's home page gallery. Everything is as expected.

As of now, the artist who inadvertently created artistsname.zenfolio has now way of accessing her gallery on nebuliarts.zenfolio.

Would the situation be resolved if the account inadvertently created by the artist were deleted. If so, who can delete the account and how can it be deleted?

Thanks for any help

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