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Issues with Greeting Cards functionality, unable to make available for customers

Hello all,

I've been trying to get MPix Pro Greeting Cards up on my site for the holiday season, but running into a host of issues. Zenfolio support has tried to help, but they are unable to reproduce my symptoms. I've tried using three different devices (2 computers, 1 mobile in desktop mode) on two different unrelated networks, and see similar symptoms on all. This suggests there is an issue not visible within the Zenfolio network.

The symptoms vary, but in general are along these lines. Note, some of the symptoms persist across both Folded and Flat cards, but are most problematic with the folded type.

1. After selecting a photo and navigate to the designs page. Some of the thumbnail images do not appear, so the tiles are gray rectangles.

2. In the card builder, the error "Error loading template image" appears.

3. In the card builder, using the "change photo" option, and dragging an image from the well, the new image doesn't display in the photo spot on the card. It shows up in the thumbnail below, but not in the main display.

4. Sometimes, after making all the necessary card edits (text, photos, etc), and adding to cart, there is a warning indicating there are text fields which will be blank (or sometimes that they still have default text). Neither is true, they have all (as far as I could find) been edited.

5.In the cards builder, sometimes the image selected from the gallery page doesn't display at all, and just shows a spinning icon.

6. Sometimes when loading the cards builder, the message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. If this problem persists, contact Support" appears.

I've been able to reproduce some of these errors by viewing the Zenfolio demo pages, so it apparently isn't unique to my own images, or how I have my gallery or site configured.

Is anyone else running into issues, and have you found resolution?

If I can't resolve this right away I'll need to quickly find another solution outside of Zenfolio, which would be a real shame given that I just renewed for a year.

I can't share a url because I don't have cards visible to the public yet (obviously given the host of errors, it's not suitable for sharing with customers). I've attached screenshots of just a few of the many errors.

Thanks in advance!
zenfolio cards unexpected error.jpg
1482 x 712 - 84K
zenfolio cards gray thumbnails.jpg
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zenfolio demo cards image not loading.jpg
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