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What has been your experience with clients when you offer on-line print ordering services?

I have had a number of clients through my site over the past few months since I set up with Zenfolio. My current impression is that offering on-line ordering of prints and other media has become an ineffective model. Most of the people seem to be inclined to demand digital files and won't even consider ordering prints through this service. What has been your experience? At this point, I am half inclined to go back to my Wordpress / NextGen Gallery construct because the value added functions I am paying Zenfolio for are not helping business.


  • As a 23 year old full time photographer, most commonly my age demographics seem to not care for prints. When I started out I wanted to push the sale of prints but I'm finding more success in up charging the shoot with the option of giving all of the digital files. I also think that digital files might be a fad so I guess it's the times we live in.
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