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Photos not uploading

Anyone else having this problem tonight?


  • Mathew LamMathew Lam Member Posts: 2
    Connection to the server has been lost. Please wait for automatic retry or retry manually.
  • Mathew LamMathew Lam Member Posts: 2
    All those previous tips about clearing browser cache, disabling plugins and incognito etc. did not work in IE, Chrome or Firefox. On a whim, tried using Opera and that worked. I have no idea wtf is going on... Another thing that also kind of worked was using one of the plugins in Lightroom to upload, but that was not a good option because it was super slow uploading 1 photo at a time, and it kept generating copies of all my photos and eating up my HDD space.

    I'm not a terribly active user and have not noticed any issues. This is my first time having issues with Zenfolio, and was surprised to see that there have been months of issues reported by users. Have there been massive changes??

    Perhaps you should have launched new features on a beta site in parallel with the fully functional existing site to prevent usage issues like this...
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    edited March 2016
    Mathew - It could be more than Zenfolio that is the root of the problem. For example, last week I was having issues with uploads and was getting forced disconnection errors from Zenfolio's servers. It appeared that my internet connection was normal until my wife complained that a video she was watching on-line was intermittently stopping and starting. Power cycling my network didn't work so I decided to call IP's my wi-fi support line and they advised me that my wireless gateway recently received a firmware upgrade that included a new feature that allowed the gateway to continually scan channels in order to determine the best connection.

    They made some changes to my settings and then everything was fine. Since I lease my gateway from my IP, the engineer told me that they no longer use the gateway that I am using as it has been upgraded twice in the past year. He advised me to take my old gateway to my service center and have it exchanged for a new model that would support (and stabilize) the higher speeds being delivered by their service. I did what they said and it corrected all of my issues including the upload issues I was having. My internet speed is also twice as fast.

    I'm sharing this with you not as a solution to your problem but to let you know that it could be something other than the Zenfolio service causing your problems. If there were real upload issues with Zenfolio servers your thread would be flooded with other users having the same issues. Since you were having the same issues with multiple browsers and third party aps and no other reports from users, it could very well be your modem, router, or IP service. I would have never known that I had an issue until my wife complained about her video issues. It was like finding a needle in a hay stack.
  • I'm having a similar problem as Mathew, only I go to upload photos and it just sits there trying to load. Doesn't matter what browser I'm using. However, I can access everything just fine on my kindle.
  • Wilson SWilson S Member Posts: 21
    One of the best free tools to use is winMTR. The little program 'combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping in a single network diagnostic tool.' Thus, you can figure out who is at fault. It might be your home router, Zenfolio, or some other intermediary.

  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    Good suggestion @Wilson S
  • Bonzer PhotosBonzer Photos Member Posts: 55
    Same problem & message as OP today - trying to upload - Aaaaargh!
  • Karen Engel PhotographyKaren Engel Photography Member Posts: 46
    edited July 2018
    I've uploaded a small proofs gallery (link removed) of tiny images 1200px x 300ppi and have been seeing the spinning wheel of no response on several of the images in there and it's easily been stuck like this for the last 1/2 hour. - 2 hours and counting.

    Sometimes it's Safari issue, but Opera and Chrome also show the problem so it appears to be on the ZF side of things. Yes I added a watermark - but this is not good... I've seen this before but never this bad. What's going on?
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  • Photo Captures by JefferyPhoto Captures by Jeffery Nashville TNMember Posts: 87
    You must have gotten it corrected as they all load up fairly quickly when I brought up the gallery.
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  • Thanks - it was about 3 hours before it resolved. I had written to ZF support but of course by the time they replied it was no longer an issue and they replied with a canned response blaming multiple "causes" on our side of things...without apparently actually reading the report. Ah well.
  • Dave HDave H Member Posts: 6
    This is happening to my website right now, and keeps happening intermittently. Along with the recent 'Unknown URL' fault, there is a percentage of clients that will choose to do business elsewhere because of Zenfolio, therefore affecting my income. Looking through the forum posts, it seems like this issue has gone on for several years.
  • kgnelsonkgnelson Member Posts: 48
    Seems like this is an ongoing issue and happens frequently. People have stopped viewing and traffic way down.
  • Seems to work fine in Chrome, but not in IE.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 238
    If you are seeing images that are not loading on your sites, please contact our Support Team so that they can collect additional information.

    Our Support Team has seen a few reports of images not loading, and this is due to some Advanced Cookie Settings in the browser.

    Please do reach out to our team if you experience images that are not loading - they will be able to assist you with the corrections that need to be made.

    You can send a message to our team here.
  • Thanks Allison - in our case we tried multiple browsers all with the same result so it's highly unlikely due to cookies or extensions etc... That information was completely ignored in the email response we received.

    As I mentioned it did resolve in 2-3 hours - long enough to have gone away before receiving a message from support. It's happened before however and will probably happen again so we'll try again!

    One tip I did receive was to run the gallery through one entire play as a slideshow - which might force the images to populate faster. I'll try that next time.
  • BonitaBonita Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2018
    I'm not happy with the ongoing issues with my site, same as mentioned above. I'm working on an important project that is nerve wrecking enough, and now this. :(
    Yes, I contacted support.
  • kgnelsonkgnelson Member Posts: 48
    Everyday there is a problem, losing customers! Not acceptable. Spinning wheel of death again!
  • kgnelsonkgnelson Member Posts: 48
    Got to give support kudos, they always respond to me very quickly to work through issues. Seems my issue is with Google Chrome.
  • WillC ImagesWillC Images Member Posts: 4
    I find it a problem that causes quite a bit of concern for me. The images will load as long as the customer has cookie protection turned off thus requiring all of our customers who attempt to control the flood of unwanted tracking (or worse) cookies can only use our site if that protection is turned off. How many of our customers might not even know that these settings must be set a certain way to allow them to see our work? Shouldn't a commercial platform allow full access by customers no matter their cookie setting? Not cool. Also, my antivirus keeps hitting this site page for having an untrusted certificate. C'mon Zenfolio, let's get it together!
  • DrAjaoDrAjao Member Posts: 1
    I finally narrowed the problem down to two separate settings on Chrome

    Blocking third-party browsers or enabling a Chrome extension called Ghostery that blocks ads and trackers.

    The Brave browser has a similar issue but in this case, it's a general shield that it puts up that you have to disable completely.

    If you block third-party cookies, refreshing the page will not cause the wheel of death to appear (because the cookies are already stored for that page). Deleting stored cookies or clicking on a different page will cause the wheel of death to appear.

    I can understand the issue of the extension but blocking third-party cookies should not be a cause for websites not to work properly.

    That's a shame on Zenfolio's end I believe.

    Basically, I'm good with regular users but I'm screwed if my potential client is security/privacy conscious.
  • I'm on Firefox on Mac OsX. EVERY SINGLE PAGE on my site does this. Only on Firefox (that I could tell for now). From the very beginning, as soon as I tried viwing my new web site on the browser.
  • paigepaige Member Posts: 38
    spinning wheel - and very very frustrating - have contacted zen many times in the last two days and they aren't fixing this - I am not alone clearly!!!!
  • paigepaige Member Posts: 38
    right now what normally takes seconds is saying hours - what the heck is going on? And zenfolio isn't responding to my barrage of emails - this is so stressful.
  • has anyone received a response from zenfolio yet? 11:35 Central time 10/25 still experiencing slow uploads.
  • realityreality Member Posts: 17
    As usual . . . nobody cares. These slowdowns have gotten worse lately, but have been going on for months. This is not a site for professionals. When things break it takes weeks for them to be fixed--if ever.
  • Currently on the status page

    "Investigating - We are looking into reports of users experiencing longer than normal upload times, and some users unable to complete downloads. Thank you for your patience.
    Oct 26, 09:18 PDT"

    NOBODY, if there is actually anyone there, AT ZENFOLIO CARES ANYMORE. It's been like this for a year or more.

    Not sure the site is suitable for amateurs either.
  • mkphoto13mkphoto13 Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2018
    Indeed. We have dozens of clients waiting for their holiday portraits, and we are forced to come up with excuses. I've just tried all three browsers after resetting their cache (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, on Mac OSX). Each one seems to time out with a connection to the server.

    Spoke with Zenfolio support via live chat and e-mail. They're aware and working on the issue.

    It's the same response I received two weeks ago.

    We've been with them for over 8 years. Unless they really get their act together, we'll be shopping around for alternatives come new year. This length of time without a solution is just unacceptable for a business platform
  • Pamela A CasePamela A Case Member Posts: 1
    This is very frustrating ! Have used the batch uploader and files say ready to upload they begin and then it stops and says connection to server lost !!
  • I agree!! I have clients waiting for proofs. This is the busiest time of year.
  • same here... I have contacted help and I am awaiting a response
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