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Preset advice

It's that long ago since I set up my site I can't remember what (if any) preset I applied to it. However, I'm looking to try a new preset and my question is as follows.
If I'm not happy with the preset I've chosen, how do I get back to my existing layout given that I've no idea what preset is being used. At least with the themes you can see which theme you're using but the same can't be said for the presets, at least not that I can see.


  • AlexZenAlexZen Posts: 78Administrator
    Hi there!

    You can always confidently try out new changes in Customize Website view since it is a sandbox environment, and no changes here are seen on your live site until Published.

    If you do not like the changes you have applied, click the X in the upper right hand corner, and choose Discard All Changes to go back to the current Published state. Before Publishing you can use the Draft Preview button to see what these changes would look like in the Visitor view before Publishing. If you have Published changes, you can still go back to the last previously Published state using the Restore Button.

    You can see the layout being used by a Preset by applying one, then clicking Layout, the one selected is the one the preset is using.

    See more on using customize website view here. More on Presets here.

    Please reach out to our Support Team here if you have any questions.

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