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10% commission ? Whatever you want, make it 50% while you're there !

langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
Sorry about the provocative title of this discussion, but i really mean it : i can't sale ANYTHING with my zenfolio website despite years fine tuning it, so no matter the figure !

I'm based in France, where Zenfolio decided to team up with PICTO, a prestigious lab founded by friends of Henri Cartier Bresson and other fellow famous photographers. Unfortunately the products list suffers from numerous bugs of all kinds (display, options, etc.)

I have reported these issues with much details / screenshots to the french team (that no longer exists) for over a year, only to find out today that none of that had been forwarded to the US !!!

Since there is no longer a French office, as far as i know, i have very little hope that the DOZENS OF USELESS PICTO products may be fixed, so i removed most of them from my website and replaced them with self-fullfilled items. Unfortunately, the shopping cart interface is so horrible (for reasons which i also deeply gave my opinion about in details by email), that i'm still not making money

The guy who used to run ZF office office in France once told me that the shopping interface was supposed to be reworked from scratch... but instead of that, Zenfolio is now announcing "Mpix free shipping, more turnkey client campaigns, and most recently, Pre-Order"

Hence i don't give a damn if you're trying to grab a shameless 9.90% from my income, since Zenfolio brings me no income !


  • David BurgessDavid Burgess Member Posts: 2
    I have two accounts and I am REALLY pissed off - Feb 2019 and service fees are now 9.9% with subs at £190+vat And then scummy PayPal at about 3.5% My customers will walk
  • Stéphane BerlaStéphane Berla Member Posts: 1
    The end of the collaboration with Picto is very bad news for me too. I plan to leave Zenfolio as soon as I have tested the competitors.
  • Bonzer PhotosBonzer Photos Member Posts: 55
    European is a joke (at our expense) with Zen.

    In England the only lab will soon be One Vision Imaging who will only accept direct orders for a very limited range of print sizes.
    When I queried this, I was informed that the other sizes would need to be self fulfilled. It seems they have no idea how shops work.

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