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Is my site missing something?

I've re done my site but I cant help thinking Im missing something to make it more in responsive?

any suggestions welcome

thanks in advance



  • Hello Jools!

    I just had a look at your site and love your photos. There were a few things that I noticed on my desktop that you might want to take a look at. Your location at the top right of your page is cut off. I can see Surry, Lon

    Your bottom floating screen: (1) It tends to pop up and detract from viewing your great photos
    (2) It repeats the options from the top menu bar (That I think looks a lot more professional and less cluttered)
    (3)The bottom third of the Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer etc line is not visible.

    Also, I would put all your awards in the About Section to keep your site cleaner and sleeker looking. Now, if my photos could just look as great:)

  • Hi Myra,

    Thank you for spending the time to look at my website and your comments are very helpful, I will look further to make it a lot cleaner if possible, I have a 27-inch monitor and everything looks great but then have to check it on mobile, ipad and laptop.... I'll get there, thanks again

    kind regards

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