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Portfolio group is empty

I am a new user, and was making good progress but must have deleted some links or settings, I encountered 'the groups is empty message' despite the Portfolio storing all my photos and galleries. Previously I had thumbnails of all my galleries, linking on this intermediary page which I liked. Now to rectify the problem I created a dropdown list of menu items linking to my galleries under the Portfolio, but I am still wondering what I did / or deleted? Jonathan


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    Hi Jonathan!

    This sounds like you had the Portfolio site menu item pointing to the Portfolio Group page. Either the site menu item was changed to point to a different link target, or the gallery were moved in the Organizer to a different location.

    Information on editing site menu items can be found here.

    Please reach out to our Support Team for more assistance with this if needed.
  • Thank you I shall look at this in more detail on the link you suggest.
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