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Source of Field Entries on 'Contact' page

I have set up a 'Contact' page and the fields are pre-populated with my site name and my email address. Although I have gone into 'options' I cannot clear these fields and same them as blank or null fields. So far no answers from Zenfolio support. Check roberthartungphoto.com and you'll see.


  • SethZenSethZen Moderator Posts: 5
    Hi Robert,

    I'd be happy to clarify.
    What's currently displayed in your Contact page are fields that your clients can use to send you a message.
    Those fields autofill based on the visitor’s information.
    It is displaying your name and email because you are logged in. It will not display this information to your visitors. Instead their email and name will be filled into the fields if they are logged in to your site.
    You can check it out for yourself by visiting your site using a different web browser that you have not logged in with. You'll see that without any login information, no data will be displayed in those fields.
    Hope this clarifies things. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to our Support Team. We're happy to help!
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