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Image Preview Alignment on Shop Page

So although I have a case open with Zenfolio support that's going nowhere fast, I figured I'd check with people on here as I'm fairly certain someone else has had this issue. I just set up the shopping feature on my website a few days ago, and one of the first issues I noticed is that the preview image on that initial shop screen (the one that shows up after you select a photo to buy and click "visit shop") is completely misaligned. It happens with all my photos. I've been given the usual runaround by Zenfolio, claiming it was my browser, my computer, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then I was told that the background of a table and a camera was old and that they changed it on their end weeks ago so I shouldn't be seeing it anymore so it must be stored in my browser's cache --- more false information since the first time I saw it was 3 days ago. Anyone else come across this issue?
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  • ZenPamZenPam Administrator Posts: 7
    Hi Greg! I checked on your case and we do have the engineers looking into this. We will follow up with you via the case as soon as we have information. Thanks for your patience!
  • Greg LeeGreg Lee Member Posts: 2
    Do you expect an answer before 2020? I'm trying to figure out if the people at Zenfolio are just dumb or blatant liars. Those are the only 2 options.

    After having me jump through hoops when I originally reported my issue to make me think it was just me, I see now that this is an issue across every Zenfolio website I've looked at. (Why no other customer reading this thread has mentioned it yet is anyone's guess. Maybe they're all using that awful Quick Shop nonsense.) Clearly this issue has been going on for months or years, and nobody there has the skills to fix it.

    This is the same type of nonsense I was told when I first noticed half the images I was uploading were taking forever to show up, or would never show up and would just show a spinning circle. At the time I was told by some liar there that it was a temporary system issue. Then I found elsewhere that it's another issue that's been going on for months or years that your crack IT team there can't seem to figure out --- probably because they're either overworked or underpaid....or a combination of both. I imagine the employeee turnover rate there must be astronomical since issues never apparently get resolved.

    Here's a tip: Don't lie to your customers. If someone presents you with something you know is an ongoing issue, don't pretend they're the first person to point it out, and make them jump through hoops to try to prove it's a real issue. Second tip: Fix the ef'ing issue. Zenfolio is running a damn platform for external customers. Having a bunch of nitwits sitting in your office there on an internal network that functions completely different than the way it does in the outside world is completely idiotic. "Oh, but it works in our office" is a totally moronic response. If I can reproduce an issue, and my friends scattered around the country can reproduce the same isssue, I don't need "ZenFred" to tell me he can't reproduce it while sitting at his desk in the office. Tell ZenFred to fire up his phone without Zen wireless, or go home and CHECK THE DAMN ISSUE. I work in IT. If someone at the office tells me some external functionality isn't working right, the first thing I do is try it from home while not on the office network. It's common damn sense.....which is apparently a superpower at Zenfolio.

    The only reason Zenfolio has the customers it does is because the competition isn't great. But that's not a business model to build your business around. Look at AOL.
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