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Why is my display name showing before blog title in SERPS?

Quite a few of my blog posts that show in Google show my display name first.

This is very bad, as it cuts most of the title out. If I spend hours writing a cornerstone blog piece and it gets cut off in Google, nobody is going to click on it.

Is there a way to resolve this? If not, this could be a real deal-breaker for me because blogging is starting to become my centerpiece for content.
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  • SethZenSethZen Moderator Posts: 5

    Happy to help clarify.

    The page name for your Zenfolio pages is "username"|page name and sadly the format cannot be changed. This does not entirely dictate how it will show up in search engines though.
    I believe how Google decides to show the title varies depending on what information it thinks is most relevant to the search. So if you search for Pennington Photography Best Beaches in Destin Fl it will show the display name first since it thinks it's most relative. If you search for 6 best beaches in Destin Fl it will first show the blog title and then the user name. Since most organic site traffic through Google will be searching for terms more relative to the blog topic they are more likely to see the blog title first.

    Hopefully this helps. Feel free to reach out to the Support Team if you need more assistance with this!
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