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Template Greeting Card

I spent quite a lot of time designing a template greeting card to print some of my photos for myself only,I think, to discover that I can’t add this to a price list since it’s only through a lab in the US (Mpix). Is that correct? No other way to do it? The standard greeting card designs are atrocious. I do t want any of the borders om offer, indeed I don’t want any designed border around my images.


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    Hi Sally!

    So sorry to hear of the difficulty designing a template for the incorrect vendor! You are able to make custom templates for multiple greeting card styles for products from OVI in the UK as well.

    To do this go to Selling > Template Designs > Create New > then from the All Vendors drop down menu > select One Vision Imaging. You will then be able to select a greeting card style to create a custom template design for.

    Here is a link to detailed instructions on Product Template Designs.

    If you have any other questions on this process, please reach out to the Support Team, and they will be happy to help!
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