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Can't create a New Gallery all of a sudden

In my "All Photos" page - I select "New Gallery" - it creates the blank thumbnail at the bottom of the page, but after that I can't do ANYTHINGF with it. I can't open it (therefore I can't upload photos to it), rename it...nothing. I even tried creating one from the dashboard. I selected "Create New Gallery," entered the title, caption, keywords, etc...then when I hit "create" it said there was an unexpected error & to try again later. I sent a message to the Help Desk, but God only knows when I'll get a response from that. It's a summer holiday after a busy weekend & now things decide not to work. I really need to go to a different hosting site. I've just put so many years of work and photos into Zenfolio I don't want to start from scratch, but the constant technical issues have been going on for years and are still unresolved. Is anyone else having this problem on this Memorial Day??
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