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Hidden galleries that aren't private

Is there any way to hide a gallery (eg using the "Hide from Visitors" option) and have it NOT SHOW UP IN SEARCHES?
I dont want to make these galleries private, but password protected for the client but I also don't want them showing up in general searches for the world to see.

Having "Hide from Visitors" folders show up in searches has to be the biggest misnomer ever lol.

Any fixes - again, without making a gallery private?


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    Hi there,

    In Access under the Search and Metadata tab, you can choose Allow searching content on my site only, or Do not include photos and videos in any search results.

    The Locked with a password privacy setting will prevent any images from being crawled and indexed by public search engines, as their crawler will not be able to get past the gallery password.

    However, it is good practice to also set the search setting you want in Access settings for a gallery Before adding any images.

    Instructions on Access can be found here.

    Please reach out to the Support Team if you have any other questions.
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