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How Often Do You Add New Blog Content?

ZenPamZenPam Administrator Posts: 7

How Often Do You Add New Blog Content? 6 votes

After every session or event
robertgeorgetate 1 vote
Pennington_Photography_88Zen CherylSincerely Haley 3 votes
Carol Hopke PhotographyRoxane Bay 2 votes


  • Never
    I don't blog -- specifically because I don't have the time to do it effectively.
  • robertgeorgetaterobertgeorgetate Member Posts: 1
    After every session or event
    As soon as I get back to my office to upload/backup my images, I put 2 or 3 up in a quick blog post and share on social media. With Senior Photos especially, I will get quite a bit of traffic to my site and it increases anticipation for the client to see the full gallery.
  • Pennington_Photography_88Pennington_Photography_88 Member Posts: 13
    edited June 2019
    I blog two or three times a month. I focus on engaging content that aims to assist my target client (beach tourist) on their vacation.

    I shoot for 1000-2500 words, multiple pictures, and always ask myself, "would this content help me if I was searching for it?" The answer should always be 'yes,' otherwise, it is shallow content and should be deleted or 'noindexed.'

    Occasionally, I will write posts about client photo sessions but try to make them unique and also informative/educational to prospective clients.
    Checkout my site and blog for photography tips, tricks, and ideas!
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