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Client Proofing

Proofing has changed a lot . Gone are the days of proof books! With online galleries it’s easier now (and more affordable) to offer client proofing. Let's talk proofing....Share what works for your workflow. Or feel free to ask questions.


  • Hello Robert!

    I use Zenfolio as a preview site for potential clients as I look after orders and printing on my end. What I just started doing requires a bit of time, but I think it is the most effective solution I have come up with. When I am happy with the way my photos look before showing them to my people, I run an action in Photo Shop that I created that decreases the size of the file, prints the word "PROOF" in a lowered opacity and then saves that copy in a Zenfolio file on my computer. Those are the files that I then upload to Zen. Even if they are copied, they are of no real use to anyone. In the gallery, I post the photos with a password, set them to "do not allow downloading" and make sure I do not have setting open for watermarks or sales.

    I feel comfortable with this form of proofing.

  • Hi Myra,

    Did you know you can use Photoshop file/scripts/image processor to batch resize and run an action (like watermark)?
    I usually export downsized proofs from Lightroom with the watermark (added) on them - and then only use Photoshop to do finishing on select items - that's even faster for generating small proofs. On ZF one can add a second watermark on the proofs gallery if you wish for added security.
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