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Sharing for Critique

Jenn SmallJenn Small Member Posts: 1
I'm not a professional landscape photographer and I'd love to get some feedback on this photo I took in Machu Picchu. Specifically does the composition work? I'm not sure if the foreground distracts. If you would have does something different what would it have been? All comments welcome and thank you!
machu picchu.jpg
1500 x 910 - 2M


  • Ricky WayneRicky Wayne Member Posts: 4
    Jenn, first of all i'm a big fan of this photograph I love how the clouds weave in and out of those mountains. I think if anything the foreground adds to the photograph as a whole and honestly I wish I could see more of the ruins and plant life that I can sorta see on the bottom right of the frame. Since there isnt anything to really look at in the clouds, I think the photo would benefit from changing your angle and showing off more of the ground rather than the negative space in the sky
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