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did a shoot for a band. Thoughts on this photo and the composition and colors?

Ricky WayneRicky Wayne Member Posts: 4

Hey everyone, just did a shoot for a band and wanted some feedback on this pic. this one is for a poster background. What sticks out to you good or bad about it? not sure if i like that the drummer is anonymous what do you think? any feedback would be great thanks


  • Zen CherylZen Cheryl Administrator Posts: 4
    Hi Ricky I like the retro feel of this. There's a lot to focus on.. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I like that the drummer is headless... I mean anonymous. But I'm most curious about what made the streaks of light in the image. Is that post processing or something you did when shooting?
  • RishimanoRishimano Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2019
    good photo, but you need to work on the effects. If your skills are not good enough for this, I advise you to use an online service, for example https://retouchme.com/ . Because, your idea, though at first glance it seems simple, but in fact - very interesting and carries some meaning, you need to work a little on the nuances.
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  • Ricky WayneRicky Wayne Member Posts: 4
    @Rishimano i'll look into that service, thank you i appreciate it! ive got some good pointers now :). And thank you Zen Cheryl! there is alot going on i hope it doesnt take away from any text that may go on the photo for band flyers, etc. The streaks of light were done in camera, I used rear curtain flash and found some string lights i likes and dragged them across the frame with a slower shutter
  • RoseDreamRoseDream Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2019
    Not bad, but you should play with neon lights more. Perhaps you should find a couple of neon lights, it would look more impressive. Here are great examples, with neon photography tips . Also, how about photo quality? I think you should take a better picture. However, the idea is interesting, you only need a little deal with the execution. Good work!
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  • Ann QuimbyAnn Quimby Member Posts: 2
    this doesn't work for me at all. since you can't see the face, it could be any drummer in any band. It's not even an action shot of the drummer drumming. it's also really soft with no areas of crispness.
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