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I need Latest Group/gallery to show first.

Some background
Last year I turned 70 and made a 10 year plan!
I live on my own in a caravan and am now travelling around Australia one state at a time, at leat a year in each State although I'm 6 months in to NSW and have only covered about a 1/10th!! I do pet & farm sitting as well so I can be in 1 place form between 1 week up to maybe 4 - 6 weeks. maybe longer if there is the opportunity and I really like it.

So, I currently have a Group AAA An Aussie Adventure - Life On The Road, but I started out simply numbering each gallery numerically which means the newest one is last and anyone wanting to keep up to date with my travels ( and I have enough trouble keeping the group up to date as it is!) has to scroll through.
One solution I have thought of is to prefix any Group within AAA..., and every gallery Alpha/Alpha Alpha starting the very 1st post with ZZZ
This would give me 17, 576 possible Groups and the same no within each group - enough I think to last the distance.
Photos within each gallery would probably be by date taken.

Any thoughts on this system - taking in to account that Aussie is a bleeding BIG country, and maybe I'll use up my shutter count ( aka Life) before I finish my Odyssey, but hopefully not the filing system.
Howard jack
(Hit The Road Jack)
The Silver Sojourner
Living a Life On The Road
And richer for it in so many ways
and a song for me

Find me

Out the Back Of,
Somewhere between Betoota and the Black Stump


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    Hi Howard!

    What an amazing journey to be on! Thank you for sharing, I'll be following along!

    You could sort the galleries by descending date created. This is done by selecting the group AAA in the Organizer > Select All galleries > Click Sort > choose Z-A and Date created. Or, once they are all numbered, use Z-A and Title.

    The order you sort them in in the Organizer, will be the order they appear to your site visitors.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team directly if you have any other questions along the way!

    I hope this helps! Happy travels!
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