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Service Issues

I'm not a ZenFolio user though I am familiar with the platform. I operate a national media production agency with 52 photographers in 22 states. Many of our photographers send us images via Zenfolio. Over the past month, and today especially, we've found the service impossible to use in terms of checking out and image delivery.

The checkout process hangs, and when it does work, the download speeds for the deliverabls are unusable. I'm trying to download two archives now. One is around 300MB and at Zenfolio's speeds will take 3 hours. The other is 4 images at 20MB each, with a 30 minute download time.

What gives? How long have ZenFolio clients had to endure this? We are looking at platform options to complement our established delivery methods so I'm very interested in hearing from Zenfolio users.
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